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With great advances in technology over the last decade or so, we no longer need to lose chunks of the working day travelling for meetings, or even need to stick to the rigidity of an office to complete our daily workload.

However, in order to successfully work when travelling between meetings, in a temporary office or even at home, you’ll need to have the right tech and setup in order to be able to carry out your full duties from literally anywhere. As you can tell by our name, bizanywhere is all about ensuring you can effectively work wherever you are needed.



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Current Flexible Tech

Depending on your requirements, we can help you choose the right type of device for each individual user in your organisation. Catering to your flexible workforce, you can equip the team as necessary with all the technology they need to be productive whether in the office or away from their regular workplace.

We understand that technology changes and grows, and with that so can your working culture and general day to day business. This is why we offer you the chance to give your team all the things they’ll need to be able deliver anywhere and at any time.


Remote Access

collabWhilst being able to access your work files from anywhere can be a great advantage, we understand this can also present security concerns. With bizanywhere you don’t need to worry about the security of your documents, as team members accessing the system from a device which isn’t their usual one will be prompted to log in via the portal, keeping files protected. The great thing is that using this system means that all you need is a compatible web-browser and access to the portal and you can access documents and important projects from anywhere, should the worst happen to your equipment.

With a changing workforce culture bending away from the 9-5 and offering more flexibility, operating a system where users can remotely access their work could help your business perform efficiently from anywhere, allowing you to rival competitors. Whether to gain an edge, meet deadlines or to simply have peace of mind that your files can be stored and accessed remotely no matter the condition of your hardware, bizanywhere can offer the solution.

17th June 2016
By pcr

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