Windows 10 Anniversary Update Released Today


On July 29th of 2015, Microsoft released their last ever iteration of the Windows Operating System. Windows 10 was set to be innovative, modern, sleek and overall productive for those users both at home and at work. A full year has come and gone since it’s initial release and things have changed greatly over this period. Some of you will be new to Windows 10, just updating before the year long free upgrade runs out on July 29th 2016. The rest of you will be seasoned users who are all too aware of what is soon to come.

For those of you who are not already aware, August 2nd is a date to include in your diary if you are a Windows 10 user! The long awaited Microsoft anniversary update, which is free for all Windows 10 users, is due for release and it is packed full of exciting and innovative features which we are going to discuss in more detail here.



CortanaLogoCortana has been given more functionality to help you to be more productive day to day. Think of her as your own personal digital assistant. Cortana is now available above your lock screen so that you can ask questions, play music or set reminders¬†without even having to unlock it. She can also save and recall key information, like where you’ve parked in a busy area or car park.

Cortana is also able to create visual reminders so if you want to remember that essential document that you need for the meeting you’re heading out to then she has got you covered.¬†Your notifications are also available across all of your devices which use Cortana, making your working life that much more streamlined than it was before.



Edge, a modern inbuilt web browser for Windows 10, has been improved with more security, easier access and has been adapted to maximize your battery life. You can now also customize your browsing experience with extensions that will be available via the Windows Store with this update. It also supports plugins that allow third party applications to access it too!


Windows Ink

WindowsInkUpdateWindows Ink is a brand new feature being rolled out with this update that allows you to use your pen in a whole new way on your Windows 10 touchscreen device. This opens up a whole new range of creative uses for your devices where you can edit documents smoothly with your pen. You can take notes, sketch on a screenshot or draw out ideas, create Sticky Notes to help you remember some daily tasks. It also allows you to handwrite in Microsoft Office, add ink annotations to Microsoft Edge and you can even draw custom routes in Maps.



And for those of you that are into computer games, this update you will be able to play and connect with gamers across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. You will have more ways to play new games which have been optimized for Windows, from the best casual games to the next generation PC releases. Not only this but Microsoft Studios is bringing a full portfolio of new games to Windows 10, which includes the forthcoming Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, which will be free for Window 10 users.

This is just the beginning for Windows 10, as it is aiming to be on over one billion devices you can be sure that things are only going to get bigger and better as time moves on. Windows 10 is an ever growing and adapting operating system that refuses to be beaten. Time will tell what is next to come from Microsoft but we here at pcr are sure it is going to be something worth having!

28th July 2016
By pcr

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