Monitoring 24/7 365 Days

Our proActiv Monitoring System keeps an eye on every server and workstation on your network so our technicians can spot problems within 15 minutes of them occurring. You’d be surprised the number of issues we spot and resolve without our clients ever knowing.

This system allows us to monitor your server status, backups and security; it spots attempts to hack your server and any failure of critical updates; it allows us to take control of problem systems from wherever we are. We act fast and minimise damage. Stopping small problems from becoming catastrophic headaches.

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What our clients say

From the initial consultation that we had, pcr have understood our current infrastructure and have listened to our needs. We regularly meet to not only continually improve that infrastructure but prepare us for future expansion. Their input on our IT roadmap has assisted with our planning and already has saved us money by helping us navigate Microsoft’s complicated licensing structure.

Gavin Speirs, Managing Director, Solutions Driven