Outsourced Purchasing

The purchase of IT is not something you want to undertake lightly, with the number of different types of equipment and software out there, it can quite quickly become a case of information overload even for an IT manager.

The process of outsourced purchasing involves the transfer of your purchasing activity, including the supply chain management, to an expert third party. This is done to reduce your company’s overall costs so that you can increase your focus on the core and strategic areas of your business.

Working with pcr as your outsourced purchasing provider allows you to benefit from specialist support and expertise that you may not have in-house.

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What our clients say

At Scot JCB we pride ourselves in being experts at our job, namely selling and servicing construction and agricultural equipment. When it comes to IT matters, however, we’re not experts, nor do we need to be. Even with 150 PCs and laptops, we can’t justify an in-house IT specialist to solve our computer problems, so we use pcr and get access to a whole team of specialists.

Whether it’s a faulty pc or printer, a problem in our extensive wired and wireless network, or setting up new devices at one of our depots, Nick and his team give us an efficient and cost effective service. We find their expertise invaluable as they can quickly and efficiently diagnose and resolve problems, leaving us to get on with our own business.



Stephen Barker, Scot JCB