Issue Alert: ‘Configuring Windows Update’


Are you experiencing issues today with the message ‘Configuring Windows Updates’?

The latest windows update patch has been rolled out, unfortunately many users are experiencing problems logging in.

If you find that your computer is stuck ‘Configuring Windows Updates’ this morning, there are a few things that can be done to resolve the issue.



  1. Whilst on the ‘Configuring Windows Updates’ screen, press Ctr+Alt+Del on your computer.
  2. Choose the restart option from the expanded power options. 


Please pass this email onto any colleagues who may be experiencing the same problem.

Currently there are no specifics as to what versions of windows are affected, Microsoft have not yet made an announcement regarding this fault.

If you are still experiencing problems after restarting, or need help going through the process please call our helpdesk on 0141 644 8960.

14th May 2015
By pcr

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