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What is it?

Microsoft Office 365 is (in essence) a cloud-based version of traditional Microsoft Office software that is particularly suited to the small to medium enterprise (SME) market with a wide range of advantages that can increase overall productivity and profitability.

Although the benefits of the cloud solution may appear obvious to most, there are still some SMEs who are reluctant to make the move and find the whole prospect quite intimidating. You could opt to ‘dip your toe in the water’ to begin with, by moving your email to the cloud, removing the clunky and expensive Microsoft Exchange server from your office.

However let us assure you that moving to Microsoft Office 365 and to the cloud is is not as complex or as scary as it seems, and as Microsoft Partners, pcr will ensure you reap all of the benefits and experience a very smooth process with no gaps in service delivery.

There are many different benefits of moving to a cloud based solution, so many in fact that instead of boring you with a lengthy blog, we created this handy and colourful infographic to do the talking!


What does it mean?

Cloud computing means you are no longer dependent on ‘being in the office’ in order to access your files and folders and to get work done. We live in a 24/7 world now where access to documents as and when we need them has become essential to business. Not only does this enhanced mobility increase productivity, it can also reduce investment in IT infrastructure in the future.


Would it work for me?

For growing SMEs, moving to the Cloud can also give the ability to scale the number of licenses needed based on the number of employees, effectively Office 365 grows alongside the company. This “pay as you use” subscription-based model can be a fundamental advantage for SMEs and can save substantial sums of money. This model also allows for access to the latest MS Office tools without the expensive cost of constantly upgrading for example; SharePoint for collaboration, Exchange for email, Skype for Business for communication and OneDrive for individual cloud storage. Better yet, all updates will happen automatically at server level so there is no need to migrate to a new version in the future.


Access anywhere, anytime

The licence also gives each user the rights to install the Office applications on up to 5 devices so they can benefit from web applications from mobile and tablet devices ensuring that you really do have access from anywhere at anytime.

A major concern for smaller businesses is the associated downtime with any IT infrastructure change. Fortunately pcr can ensure that downtime is minimal to zero, allowing no impact on work or service delivery.

As one of the first and still few Microsoft Partners to be classed as Cloud Solutions Partners, pcr can can fully manage Office 365 – including billing and customer service – on your behalf. Allowing us to seamlessly merge the cloud experience into your technology department!

20th May 2015
By pcr

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