Don’t let the weather get you down…


Well this year has certainly got off to a whirlwind start, and we mean that literally! We’re not altogether surprised by the weather conditions we’ve been dealt these past few weeks. Gale force winds, rain, sleet and snow. You name it, we got it.

Adverse weather can bring with it a whole host of problems, and we mean more than train delays and slipping on the ice!

In extreme cases for wireless broadband and satellite communications, absorption is the major issue. Rain, ice, snow & fog will absorb some of the radio waves, they can also scatter the waves. This causes a drop in the strength of the signal, or ‘attenuation’ to us geeks.

In this digital age we live in, bad weather can affect how you do your work on a day to day basis, which can ultimately cost your business time and money. So it is vitally important that we plan ahead for these situations to help get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

For example, last week one of our clients in Glasgow was severely affected by the extreme weather. Access to their office building was restricted due to a street closure as a result of high winds blowing the roof off a nearby hotel.

At pcr we understand that time is money which is why we offer a disaster recovery and business continuity service. In this particular case we had a contingency plan already in place which allowed staff to work from by accessing their desktops remotely, with very little disruption.

However, believe it or not but even in Scotland weather-related IT problems are not limited to the winter. As your technology department we take account of all foreseeable weather conditions – including somewhat illusive sunshine. When we design an IT system we also ensure that all necessary cooling systems are installed to reduce heat generated from the electronics to allow equipment to cope throughout the summer months.

Not every company can have as in-depth a contingency plan as say Microsoft, and for smaller companies who host servers, these weather related disasters can prove to be crippling for business. Its for this reason we offer disaster recovery and plan ahead so you don’t have to worry, minimising the effects of severe weather on your business.

If you want an IT department that can plan ahead and help you during a crisis give us a call on 0141 644 8960. Don’t forget to keep up to date with pcr on our social media channels and right here on our blog.

Hopefully it’s starting to thaw off now please take care throughout the storms, ice and snow – and if you can, just think of summer!

21st January 2015
By pcr

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