Benefits of Skype For Business


Skype has been used for years as a way to communicate with friends and family across the world. Yet, it still surprises us that many businesses don’t realise the benefits of using this popular platform as a collaboration and communication tool in the workplace.

Following it’s purchase of Skype in 2014, Microsoft went onto launch Skype for Business. This is the new system that works hand in hand with Windows allowing workplaces to take advantage of Skype’s features but with added functionalities that appropriate it more towards a professional environment.

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Skype for Business and Office work together, providing an easier way to collaborate on shared work, shared straight from Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Outlook calendars. Contacting your colleagues and organising online meetings is both fast and simple, whether it be by email, IM or call.


Up to 250 people can join your online meetings, whether that be colleagues, other employees in your organisation or even those not using Skype for Business, as all this requires is a landline or internet connection.

In the interest of sharing, you can alter features and the access to different projects, according to who exactly is collaborating on it. Skype for Business will automatically recognise the account information for each employee in your company, if you’re already using the Microsoft platform, so you can add or remove accounts to and from specific projects.


The service is also extremely cost-effective as you move your communications to one space which includes voice calling, video calling and online meetings. While you upgrade to Skype for Business, you are also still able to make use of PBX phones and other video teleconferencing services.


Ultimately, Skype for Business provides an all-round service, which is both time and cost efficient in terms of sharing work, scheduling online meetings and communicating with clients and colleagues. If you think your company would benefit from these features don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team on 0141 644 8960 to find out more.

2nd November 2015
By pcr

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