The Hardware that’s Hard Working


As part of the bizanywhere service, we’ll provide you with the latest hardware you need in order to perform your tasks at optimum level. We realise every business is different, so we don’t stick to rigid hardware solutions.


Your Choice

You choose the latest desktops, laptops and tablets suitable for your business. Whether you prefer laptop to desktop or need a mobile device that can show off your work wherever you are, we’ll get you the solution that fits your needs. You can choose from a wide range of devices, including our favourite, the Microsoft Surface Pro. This versatile mobile device offers you the ability to work anywhere, so is adaptable to many organisational needs.


Top Spec

Whichever systems you choose from us, you can guarantee that you’ll receive the top spec, enabling you to work quickly and efficiently. All of our systems come with a Superfast Solid State drive, which means you can get the fastest possible access to all of your data at the click of a button.


Maximum Efficiency

With your choice of devices and our high tech drives, you’ll be running at maximum efficiency in no time. Choose devices that your workforce are familiar with, or which best matches their needs. Then pair that with fast access to anything they might need to use and watch productivity increase.

The only thing that’s missing is a shared storage space to store their work and share with others. As part of bizanywhere, we also offer Cloud storage making it easier for you to create, collaborate and share any type of files.

Plus if you have any issues with your hardware operations, we also offer speedy IT support, available when you need it. Why not keep everything together with systems, support and storage all from the one provider?

11th February 2016
By pcr

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