Microsoft Surface Pro 4


It’s been a week of announcements, not only for us with the launch of bizanywhere, but also for Microsoft who unveiled a series of next-generation devices part of the #Windows10devices event which took place at their HQ last week.

These products will become available in coming months and some are of particular interest to us and our customers as they will be offered as part of the bizanywhere bundle.

The first of these products we’d like to shine some light on is the Surface Pro 4. As the name suggests this is the successor to the popular Surface Pro 3 and already 98% of people who have one would recommend it, including pcr CEO Nick who loves his Surface Pro 3 and will soon be moving onto the 4 (you’ll rarely find him on a desktop at all these days!)


The Surface Pro really is the tablet device that will replace your laptop. Powered by Windows 10, this new product proves incredibly practical for business, as it carries both the characteristics of a laptop and tablet.

This is all down to design, as the device is thinner than previous versions, has a larger display, is lightweight and transforms from a tablet to a laptop, running all of your desktop software, with a snap-on mutil-position kickstand and keyboard.

Faster performance seems to be the name of the game for Microsoft, as the latest tablet in the Surface Pro series was announced to be 30% quicker than its predecessor.

Surface Pro 4 is a lighter, thinner offering than Surface Pro 3, boasting the thinnest glass ever used on a tablet at only 0.4mm thick.

Its five-million pixel screen covers a 12.3-inch display and can be annotated on using a surface pen – complete with an eraser – that allows you to take screenshots to draw on.


The versatility of this product is not its only selling point, as the functionality is also very impressive. Intel Core processors allow for the smooth and simultaneous running of multiple programmes, with a battery that lasts up to 9 hours, which is perfect for those who are on the go.

Other features, such as the 5MP front-facing camera, are also particularly useful for both, in or out of office work, enabling video conferencing with either clients or colleagues.


This device is perfect for those who prefer the portability of a tablet, but with the potential for added features, more consistent with your traditional laptop.

13th October 2015
By pcr

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