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In most organisations, there will tend to be more than one person working on any one project nat any given time. If your organisation works with a collaborative approach to client services or completing projects, you’ll want a service which allows any user to access the project from anywhere and at any time and bizanywhere can provide exactly that and more.

Store your projects

With a fantastic 1TB of storage for every user in the OneDrive for Business portal, we can offer you the space you need to host your projects and ensure they are accessible from multiple devices. Projects can be stored here for easy access on the go, and to serve as a backup solution in case of tech failure or office disasters.

Collaboration on your terms

With this software solution we offer you the ability to invite co-workers to join your projects, to help complete tasks or projects. The software allows you the option to give co-workers full access or simply permission to view, edit and update specific parts of your project. This means you get a flexible workspace which not only stores everything you need now, it also offers an efficient sharing solution to ensure co-workers don’t lose documents and important files in huge email chains.

With a SharePoint Team site, we can offer you 10GB of storage space to help you collaborate across your organisation. There’s also the ability to add up to 500MB of additional storage per user, which is perfect if you have standalone projects and other items which do not need to be shared with others.

Real time editing

One of the greatest benefits of using this type of collaborative software is that you can edit your projects in real time. Whilst this is not a new idea, the fact that multiple users can access the document and edit in real time proves revolutionary. Not only is this ideal so that you can make necessary updates from wherever you are, it also irons out any previous read only or duplication issues. Find the right and up to date versions of documents from anywhere with the SharePoint Team site and One Drive for Business.

If your organisation relies on the sharing of information between colleagues and clients, this effective collaboration solution will make project management much more efficient for you.

23rd February 2016
By pcr

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